Shipping & Delivery Information

Every order at is specially "made to order" so that the customer can fully experience the taste and freshness of food that has just left the kitchen. In order to make this feasible, we do our best to dispatch your item using the fastest and best ways available in India.

  • Delivery Policy:
  • Usually, we deliver orders within 45 mins from the time order was placed. Although the delivery can be delayed due to weather, heavy traffic etc.

  • Packaging & Handling Fees:
  • Depending on the type of food, we procure specialized secondary packaging (tampered proof bags, corrugated boxes, etc.), which is provided to merchants to ensure no damages occur during transit. Due to the fact that we buy this specifically for your delivery, we charge a very small fee that is already included in the Product price.

  • Returns:
  • At Zaapin, tasting is everything.

    Additionally, even if we make every effort to prevent it, it is still possible that you will try one of our items and not enjoy it. Sorry, but just because you don't like the flavour of something doesn't mean we can take it back.

    If you have any complaints about food, please contact us, or let us know and we'll assist you in this matter.